The Fellowship

What is the Beatitudes Fellowship?

The Beatitudes Fellowship identifies and equips a select group of young entrepreneurial faith leaders with the resources and relationships that empower them to create new models for church and the pursuit of social justice. This Fellowship is focused on building progressive Christian congregations.

During the yearlong Fellowship, each Fellow develops their own project, based in their local congregation, and gathers four times each year for leadership training workshops. 

The 2015-2016 Beatitudes Fellowship provides each Fellow:

  • A $5,000 monetary award
  • A year-long series of quarterly Fellows’ gatherings
  • Customized resources and advisors: how to choose and work with coaches, mentors and other leaders in a widening network of resources
  • Evaluation and strategic planning: how to figure out what each Fellow needs for their project, from the tangible (people, money, time) to the intangible (faith, hope, courage)
  • Preaching, story-telling and media workshops: how to tell the story of your innovative ministry project
  • Community-building workshops: how to engage your congregation in change
  • Sustaining spiritual practices: how to lead from within, incorporating the practices and principles of deep listening, creating hospitable spaces, holding the tensions of paradox, developing a spirit of inquiry (based on the Courage practices of the Center for Courage and Renewal.) 
  • Peer community with other entrepreneurial leaders: time to relax and connect

Who is eligible for a Beatitudes Fellowship?

Emerging faith leaders who are:

  • Under the age of 40
  • Within seven years after divinity school graduation
  • Leading a community of faith
  • Actively working to engage faith with social justice work using a unique approach

Candidates for the Beatitudes Fellowship have:

  • a proven track record of leadership
  • a commitment to full inclusion of all people 
  • a commitment to faith and to social justice
  • a willingness to take risks
  • a desire to collaborate with others
  • a specific project that matches up their deep gladness with the world’s great need

How are Beatitudes Fellows selected?

Fellows are nominated by key professional colleagues, and selected nominees then complete an application process that includes an online application and description of their project, as well as a personal interview. Nominations are open until May 1, 2015 for the Class of 2015-2016.  Please use the Nomination Form under the Participation Tab to sumbit your nomination.

What is required of a Beatitudes Fellow?

Commitment to active engagement and attendance at all Fellows Gatherings throughout the yearlong Fellowship, and participation in the national Fellows network after the first year. Travel expenses to all retreats will be covered.

Click here to nominate a candidate for the Fellowship.